By doing what I have to do, I believe that I am giving God’s ability the room to do what God wants to do.

We live in a world of diverse belief systems. We all grew up with one indoctrination or another. While we keep growing and bagging experiences, we find reasons to question some of these things that we were taught but also reasons to hold on to some of them firmly.

The Law

"Because through…

“Great men depart this earth as much as common men do. The only thing that lasts forever on earth is the footprints we have been able to leave behind.”

Today, Facebook threw back a memory that leaves me in tears. It was a memory of the mission I embarked on with a friend and colleague, Uchenna Maduka to Ndubia Igbagu, in Ebonyi State, Nigeria on 11th June 2016. It was a beautiful experience as we preached the gospel of Jesus in remote areas and also interacted with these villagers alongside an Anglican Pastor we had worked with. We had plans…

Onyedikachukwu George Nnadozie

An author, a Bible teacher and a public speaker. I take time to write on his personal blog, George's Diary.

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